Stumbling to the Presidency

Throughout his adult life, Donald Trump has relied on his father and others to rescue him from the sad disappointments in his business life.

From bankruptcies, through lawsuits, to mob ties and shady business deals,Tim O’ Brien, the author of Trump Nation, walks us through the legacy of failure and self-destruction that has defined Donald Trump’s business career.

In this bonus episode of The Asset, we break from the format as host Max Bergmann, the director of the Moscow Project, and journalist Tim O’Brien have an extensive conversation about Donald Trump’s repeated business fiascoes that blemish his checkered legacy.


The Asset tells the full story of Trump and Russia. Each week, we will examine the colorful characters and dirty deals that populate the story of how Russia helped the son of a shady real estate mogul became President of the United States.


Left Photo: Getty Images/Jamie Squire. Right Photo: Getty Images/Mikhail Svetlov.